1000 Smiles purpose is to open another door for the homeless and be a positive role model for our children. 1000 Smiles will team with other organizations, in hopes of help lowering the ratio of homelessness in our community. 1000 Smiles represent motivation, determination, and validating anyone who needs uplifting
Guiding individuals to build and overcome their struggles
in order to succeed.
1000 Smiles Vision:
Shelter up to 120 homeless individuals and families, and providing them with all the needed tools and materials that will help lead them to a new start of progression.  Starting a 1000 Smiles Youth Organization, to show our children how to respect and appreciate the value of life, and see that there are other ways to dedicate your time doing something positive for the community, instead of giving it a bad name or tearing it down.  Our number one goal for the Youth Organization is to be positive leaders and role models for our children, getting our children off the streets, out of the criminal justice system, and keeping them from becoming a negative statistic.
1000 Smiles is a non-profit organization for the homeless. The main purpose of this organization is to make a difference in our community. Providing the needed programs, resources, and services to help individuals and families who are struggling with hard decisions and facing difficult and trying challenges daily.